CIVIC VIRTUE and SIL KROL orientating in Münster

We had a very fruitful meeting with the artists of CIVIC VIRTUE and Sil Krol at Schloss Ringenberg and Münster. We visited the Kunsthalle and after that we went to see the Stadthausgalerie. The crime-scene was changed into a wahlambt, that is, a voting cabinet for the elections. The Landesmuseum and the Stadtmuseum were next. In the Stadtmuseum there was the most elaborate history regarding the Anabaptists. The original cages where the three anabaptist leaders were put in. The replica’s are hanging on the Lambertikirche. After having dinner and discussing plans, our ways parted. It was effective and nice to have an open structure to discuss the exhibition and each others plans.

Stadthausgalerie as wahlambt

Stadthausgalerie as wahlambt

Stadthausgalerie, recollecting the space as it was before becoming a wahlambt      Measuring the StadthausgalerieEntering the Friedenssaal in MünsterA guided tour in the Friedenssaal MünsterSil Krol at a Pulpit in the Stadtmuseum

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