André Smits at Schloss Ringenberg

André Smits came to Schloss Ringenberg in the framework of his ambitious project ‘Artists in the World. The Never Ending Art Trip’ the Dutch artist takes  pictures of all the artists, curators and gallerists that he can get a hold of. An interesting aspect is that the people portrayed in their workings space are all taken from the back. The back-portraits are publicly archived on his project’s website, André always follows contact recommendations of artists, curators or gallerists  from only one person per trip – his so called ‘guide’. Consequently, his network gets larger and larger each day, everyone is somehow connected with each other and André documents this process with doodles that he paints on the walls of his country house. One of the pictures is the agenda Doodle of the week he visited Ringenberg, the others are pictures Smits has taken of Verena Seibt, Peter van der Es and Suzie Hermán.

IMG_2097 Afbeelding 2

André Smits

Photo credits: André Smits


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