November 9, 2013, 19.30 h

Stadthausgalerie (c/o Kunsthalle Münster)

Platz des Westfälischen Friedens (Rathausinnenhof), Münster

Saturday November 9 the exhibition Time to Recollect will be closing of with a program of events. The evening starts with the presentation of the publication made in the framework of the exhibition with works of Sil Krol and CIVIC VIRTUE.

Furthermore, Giles Bailey (UK) will perform Tom/Lütz: Two Scenes in 1983. Bailey’s performance is an experimental approach to historiography and the conventions of ordering histories. Bailey uses two gestures, the application of eyedrops and a short piece of choreography from Nelken by Pina Baush, to activate footnotes from the history of performance practice as a means of collaging them and viewing them more expansively. Through the performance he investigates the interference, translation and stability of history, character, narrative and resolution.

The work of Leone Contini (IT) is introduced by showing 1939-2039. This videowork is part of a research project that took place in Italy and Albania. Contini investigates hidden histories by borrowing the tools of contemporary anthropology. In the film, the holes that are dug in the ground are the metaphorical occasion for a journey in time and (failed) ideologies.

The events of the Finissage are concluded with a recital by electroacoustic group VHSUHF (Mike Ottink, NL, and Brian McKenna, CA). The group has been performed since 2006. Noise, drone, resonance, improvisation, audio-visualization, and visual-auralization are common themes. They tend to build and destroy their own instruments, creating the necessary conditions for the transcendence of purpose, music would be a side-effect.

finissage time to recollect finissage_2 finissage_3 finissage_4 finissage_5 finissage_6 finissage_7 finissage_8 finissage_9 finissage_10 finissage_11 finissage_12 finissage_13 finissage_14 finissage_15 finissage_16 finissage_17 finissage_18 finissage_19 finissage_20 finissage_21 finissage_22 finissage_23 finissage_24 finissage_25 finissage_26 finissage_27 finissage_28 finissage_29 finissage_30 finissage_31 finissage_32 finissage_33 finissage_34 finissage_35 finissage_36 finissage_37 finissage_38

Photo’s by Marie Guilland

Guilland Photography

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